Digitizing natural handwriting from any surface – useful for clinicians?

As most of us in healthcare realized long ago, pen and paper is a very difficult technology to replace and compete with. It doesn’t matter how fancy our computers get, how nice tablets become, or how good the voice recognition features are, most healthcare workers spend a majority of their time on paper.

The IOGear Mobile Digital Scribe is probably the closest device I’ve seen that may allow doctors to switch to a non-traditional pen/paper technology. The device captures/digitizes your handwriting on almost any normal paper surface and then allows it to be saved on to your computer. You can also hook the Mobile Digital Scribe directly up to your computer and record your handwriting in real time.

By the way, Office Max has the IOGEAR Mobile Digital Scribe for $60 until October 18th so it’s cheap enough for anyone to try out. Give it a shot.

If you’ve already tried it, share your thoughts about it here. What other tools like this do we all we use that others might not know about?

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5 thoughts on “Digitizing natural handwriting from any surface – useful for clinicians?

  1. I remember the Newton which I thought was very good at the time. It didn’t say on the ad, is it cross-platform? Can it be used with macs, Linux, etc.?

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