Consumerism and Healthcare IT Innovations Summit at Ohio State University on Nov 17

The nice folks from Ohio State University Center for IT Innovations in Healthcare sent me a note that they are holding their second annual “Healthcare IT Innovation Summit” on November 17 in Columbus, Ohio. It seems like a very interesting gathering and I might be attending.

They are inviting thought leaders to explore questions such as:

  • What effect does consumer-driven healthcare have on leveraging technology resources?
  • What are the strategies behind unleashing the true power of technology innovation in health care?
  • What do patients really want tomorrow and how can technology respond?
  • What effective models foster academic and industry collaboration in consumer-driven healthcare IT innovations?

These all seem like great questions and well worth putting together a special conference to discuss them.

See you at the conference.

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3 thoughts on “Consumerism and Healthcare IT Innovations Summit at Ohio State University on Nov 17

  1. I will be presenting at the conference and look forward to meeting you. I also find that the evolution of health IT and IHE methodologies must give way to Web services across a bus to better separate application and infrastructure. Infrastructure building blocks for security, master data management, content management and a service bus are all essential transformative elements the application community must embrace.

    I fear that the health IT community will not move quickly enough to leverage the power of metadata for improved knowledge management.

  2. My company is doing something that may be of interest to this group. We’re hosting a town hall meeting about healthcare reform and electronic health records. The meeting is scheduled for Dec. 1 at Seattle’s Town Hall. For more information go to

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