Physician Office Usage of Electronic Healthcare Records Software

SK&A recently surveyed 180,000 medical sites as to their current usage of EHR. That’s one of the largest national surveys I’ve seen — the numbers are about what we expect but it’s great to see that someone actually spent the time doing real research instead of just quoting other smaller surveys. Seems like the SK&A guys are serious about healthcare data. Nice work.

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4 thoughts on “Physician Office Usage of Electronic Healthcare Records Software

  1. This is really interesting. You are right, it is about what I expected. I really like that they broke it down by the number of physicians and the number of exam rooms. Very useful information. Thanks for posting.

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  3. Good post, we already have an Electronic Healthcare Records Software system in place. We BTW use for keeping a tab on patient feedback. Works out well. Makes the staff also think twice about how they treat patients. Plus, all staff wears a name tag just to make sure they know patients can see who the person is.

    Also, this is helping out to let go staff who are not doing a great job. What better way to document something that is provided to you by patients themselves.

    Last but not least, we all want to know if the patient was happy with the treatment he / she received from our clinics. That is one factor that is also logged through the online patient surveys.


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