HITECH incentives payment & meaningful use training from Medicare (CMS) itself

A few weeks ago the Office of E-Health Standards & Services at the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) did some nice training on the EHR Incentives NPRM. This is a great overview of the ARRA HITECH act as it is understood by CMS and should override any understandings by mere mortals like us. It includes information about meaningful use, eligibility, core quality measures, and payments. It’s worth checking out. There is audio available, too.

HITECH EHR Incentive Program Training by CMS 02-23-2010

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6 thoughts on “HITECH incentives payment & meaningful use training from Medicare (CMS) itself

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  2. Your Name seems to be really a eye opener to all. IT health guy..! Pretty interesting! and thanks for sharing your knowledge. We followers expecting more from you.

  3. Probably one of the better overview I've seen. I am glad to see more and more accurate information being shared. Hopefully, confusion about MU will die down a bit. The hard part is getting the providers to meaningfully use the certified EHR! Nice post!.

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