Fred Trotter’s Patient Centered Health Internet Makes Sense

If you haven’t had a chance to read it yet, check out Fred Trotter’s Patient Centered Health Internet article. He elegantly explains the simplicity of the Direct model vs. the  the more complex (but ultimately still necessary) NHIN national model (read my article on NHIN at IBM if you’re not familiar with all these terms). There really isn’t a competition between the two models long-term because we’ll need both but the new Direct Project is coming along quickly enough that I recommend small offices and health systems really start to take a look at in 2011.

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3 thoughts on “Fred Trotter’s Patient Centered Health Internet Makes Sense

  1. It is a great concept, but the PHR isn't really under the patient's control. With vendors like Microsoft and Google there will be a huge pressure to aggregate and sell your health information in any way possible. You won't be immune to data breaches either.

    Also, because there will be many PHR's, especially across State lines, a Provider will need to be a member of many PHRs in some fashion, providing a management issue. Taking that into account, the NHIN model begins to look like less hassle for a Provider in the they need only belong to the local entity who will manage reaching the larger network, exactly how the internet works today.

    Just my two cents….

    1. Great points, Mark. I think you are right that we won't have a one-size fits all approach to healthcare data integration. I'm not sure the PHR model will work either but I really the “Direct” model that allows care coordination to happen without NHIN being in place first.

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