What kind of business model does your bright health IT idea have?

I speak regularly (and write irregularly) about the importance of iterating through to a solid business model before you get too far with your great healthcare IT product idea. Whatever new idea you have in health IT has likely been tried before and if it failed it was likely not because the tech didn’t work but they probably didn’t understand the difference between the payer of a  system, the user of a system, and a benefiter of the system (what I call my “PBU” circle). If the PBU circle is not complete then you don’t understand your market and your product will likely not make you as successful as you’d desire. See my recent articles on the subject:

Dr. Blaine Warkentine, a physician friend of mine who is also one of the most creative health IT thinkers around, sent me a link to a presentation on business models that I just had to share (embedded below). Blaine knows I love creative business models and I think anyone starting a health IT business should run through this presentation (and then pick up a copy of “4 Steps to the Epiphany” and “Business Model Generation” as well.

If I get some time I think I’ll publish a presentation similar to this but with a focus on healthcare IT business models. Let me know if you’re interested and if I get enough comments below I’ll put it together.

10 Business Models that rocked 2010

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2 thoughts on “What kind of business model does your bright health IT idea have?

  1. I'd love to see a HIT model based on the innovations of last year. SAAS HIPPA assesments being one. Pay for a SAAS EHR vendor selection/implementation/ROI/Benefit Realization process being another. Pay for RFP generation is a third.

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